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Have you ever had one of those ‘Mother/Father of the year’ moments?  I have, plenty.  Most of these are immediate issues such as a broken arm that you thought was a sprain, going to school without a jacket, or letting them eat too much Halloween candy. But, what if decisions we make right now, regarding our children, could affect their future?

What if we have within our grasp, something that can make their life brighter?

Would you take advantage of that?

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Have you felt the anxiety of being in debt, paying back college loans, or not having the funds to fix the car?

Do you want that for your child?

You could help them to understand how to save, spend appropriately, and recognize many of the areas of finance that will help them achieve a secure economic future. You, the parent can guide them on their way to a life of fiscal responsibility and with that a life of less stress and worry. You could start today to help your child save. Not just for a computer or car, but for college, buying a house, or retirement. You can do all of this for your child and not have to teach them at all.

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Apprehension about my child’s future has sometimes kept me up at night. Apprehension about things like college, job, family, but none is more at the forefront than finances.  I have found a way though that helps me sleep a little better at night. I have taken the steps to help my child greatly improve their chances for financial security.

You should take those steps too…Come walk with me.

Melody Jordan

P.S.  Someday your child might look back and thank you for the life you helped prepare them for. Maybe you will be  ‘Mother/Father of the Year’ in their eyes.

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 You’re Not Doing Your Job…

Give Your Child The Help They Need To Achieve  Financial

Security By Just Turning On Your Computer


Dear Concerned Parent:

If you are like me, your life is full of no time and a lot of worry, especially when it comes to our children. In a world where stress encompasses almost every part of our lives, finances are right there on top. It might be too late for us…but what about our children? And time, don’t even get me started! Life is just too busy.  How relieved would you be if you could ensure that your child could learn the skills needed to achieve financial security and you will hardly lift a finger in the process. Would that be worth taking a look? Start your child today on the path to learning the important financial lessons that you never learned.  Help them to avoid money minefields such as……

  • Living paycheck to paycheck (76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck)
  • High credit card debt (Average credit card debt in America is over $16,000)
  • Little or no savings (7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings)
  • Non-existent retirement fund (70% of Americans have less than $5,000 in retirement, and 50% have none at all)
  • No emergency fund (66 million Americans have no emergency savings)
  • No money for college (Only about 20% of college students pay for college out-of-pocket)
  • Not enough income to support a family (51% of American workers make less than $30,000 per year…THAT IS BELOW POVERTY LEVEL!)
  • Borrowing just to get by (Indebted families use 21% of monthly income toward servicing their debt)

 Imagine instead your child

  • Not having to borrow for college
  • Paying cash for a car
  • Never owing credit card debt
  • Easily supporting their family
  • Putting away significant dough for retirement

Don’t be the parent who wonders where they went wrong or how they could have done better. Be the parent that has peace of mind knowing that they have done their best to ensure a bright future for their child. Make an investment today in your child’s financial security. Provide them with the material needed to embark on a lifelong journey of financial awareness.

Join Other Wise Parents

Introducing a new financial program to significantly increase your child’s economic comfort. Budget Brainiacs is a program developed by a parent just like you, aimed at teaching children how to save money now, grow it quickly, and keep it for a lifetime. Felicity Schwartz, an MBA and banking executive, has seen it all. She has seen people struggle to live day to day in our difficult economy and knew there had to be a better way for our children. Felicity developed a program that would not only effectively teach our children to be better money stewards, but would be engaging at the same time.

“It’s such a relief to know my children will be well-prepared to manage their money when they embark on their own lives as adults.” T. Bazell

In developing Budget Brainiacs, Felicity spent years reviewing what other programs had to offer. Although many of the programs she researched had desirable features, they did not go far enough. Budget Brainiacs offers more vital features than any other web-based financial program out there.  Each lesson contains interactive games to make learning more fun, quizzes to check for understanding, and simulations to reinforce what they have learned.

Study after study has shown that children do not all learn in the same way. The creators of Budget Brainiacs realized early on that if this program was going to be successful for all children they needed to address different learning styles. As a result, modules are presented in three different learning modes to address these learning styles.

  • Visual

For children who are readers, there are the informational passages that they can read to themselves, as well as read aloud.  Each lesson in a module is also presented in cartoon form as well as real life videos.

  • Auditory

There is a read aloud version of each lesson and quiz that will not only read the passage word for word to your child, but will highlight each word as it is read.

  • Hands-On

Each lesson contains interactive games to reinforce learning, and for those who learn best by actively participating.

 “Darren has always had a hard time staying focused, which translates into non-learning.  The interactive games and simulations were just what he needed to understand the information.” E.Baxter

“Didi does not read well. Being able to use the read aloud tool in the lessons has really helped and made the program much more enjoyable for her.”  S. Paul

What You Get

Budget Brainiacs is a web-based financial program for children 10 years and older.  It includes varying amounts of lessons in each of 13 modules.  Each module contains written passages and quizzes for each lesson, interactive games, and simulations for most lessons. Even though our program has the most up to date information out there for each lesson, we realize that some things do change, so your subscription will also allow you to download updates whenever they are made available.

Not Enough Time

You want to teach your child these lessons, but you don’t have the time to research all the information needed to teach them, let alone spend the time teaching them.  No worries! Let us do the instructing and you can feel less stress knowing that some of the best financial wizards in the world have put this program together. Budget Brainiacs is a respected financial program for children, and has been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, the Banking Industry, and Money Magazine.

Interested in helping your child achieve a financially secure future?  I thought so.  Let’s take a look at the in-depth modules Budget Brainiacs offers……

Seeing Is Believing

Your child will learn about all the different types of savings accounts, what interest is and why it’s important, but most of all why they need to save. Budget Brainiacs includes an easy to use spread sheet to manually keep track of their balance, debits and credits.  It even has the ability to connect electronically to their account in many of the leading banking institutions so deposits can be made without having to venture from home.  Budget Brainiacs has a specialized calculator which  combines money saved per month at a specific interest rate, times years, and calculates savings in the long term. This unique feature helps children get excited and see the perks of saving.

“Saving was not something that was encouraged when I was a child.  As a result, I have barely gotten by for most of my adult life. This program is changing that for my child.  I’m all in!”  Nancy Lee  

 Knowledge Is Key

Lack of budgeting has caused much of the debt problems and bankruptcies in our country. Don’t let your child fall victim to these traps.  Budget Brainiacs will help your child to understand why budgets are necessary, and how to implement the most successful budget possible.  Budget Brainiacs also offers a one-of-a-kind simulation. This simulation gives them a random income to use with their budget. It then gives them choices for homes, cars, grocery, etc., they then try to balance their budget. This simulation gives them the visual they need to truly understand how budgeting works and how it will benefit them throughout their lives.

“As a couple we did not budget until a couple of years ago. This caused a lot of arguments about money and overdrawn checking accounts. If we can save our children from this stress, that makes this program more than worth it to us.” M. Wells

College… Yes

Although not all successful financial people are college graduates, the majority are and credit their education as key to their success. Budget Brainiacs offers not only information on the cost of all colleges in the nation, but has a tool to compare the cost vs. projected income relating to a chosen field.  This allows you and your child to get a jump start on choosing a career that not only interests them, but will also be lucrative and secure in the long term. This program stresses saving for college and avoiding debt. However, if you cannot avoid it, there is a section on where to go and what to do to  compare and obtain loans, grants, and scholarships.

“I not only chose the wrong college, but by the time I was finished I owed more than my career as a teacher would allow me to pay back.  Unless I win the lottery, I will be paying on my college debt practically my whole life.  I will make sure between me and this program, that it does not happen to Sophie!” G. Beacon

 Compassionate Children

We all want our children to not be just financial whizzes, but to be caring and contributing members of society.  Budget Brainiacs has lessons on charitable giving and volunteerism and how it effects the world around them, an added benefit that can improve their own self-worth. When they finish the charitable giving section, they will be encouraged and invited (with your permission) to sponsor a child in a third world country through reputable programs listed at the end of the module or to find local community projects to get involved with.

“I love the balance in Budget Brainiacs.  They not only emphasize making money and having a secure future, they also focus on giving to others less fortunate and paying taxes in order to be good citizens.  It’s refreshing!”  M. Stanley

“As a family, we have always sponsored children in other countries, so our children were already familiar with the giving concept.  Volunteerism is another story. Not only did it encourage our children to volunteer, but we felt the need to volunteer too.  Now we do it as a family and the joy we feel afterward is indescribable.” S. Miller

Avoiding The Pit

CREDIT! I don’t know about you, but this subject scares me more than any other!  Credit is such an easy pit to fall into.  Budget Brainiacs took great care in providing information about credit cards in the most child- friendly way.  The program emphasizes what is bad about credit card debt while also countering it with information on good credit, which will help your child to make wise decisions to stay out of debt. The credit card section also has a calculator that calculates interest on a monthly and annual basis to open their eyes to how much interest they are accruing.

“If I could focus on one area that I want my children to avoid in life, it would be credit cards! That information alone is worth its weight in gold.” B. Mason

Identity Theft

How many times have you or someone you know fallen victim to identity theft.  It is now commonplace to have a friend or family member relate how their bank account was cleaned out, their credit was ruined, or even had their social security number used to get unemployment or steal a tax refund! Budget Brainiacs includes lessons about Identity theft.  The different types there are, what they are looking for, and how they would use it.  There is a lesson about cyber safety; of not only their name, birthdate, and social security, but also their personal safety and what information to NEVER give out. You will feel secure allowing your child time on the internet knowing that they now have the tools to stay safe.

“Safety with technology is always a concern. Budget Brainiacs has helped me feel better about my child not just using this program, but also surfing the internet and using social media.”   A. Jordan

 Important Safety Tips

Social media has taken our children by storm.  If you are like me, you have difficulty covering all the benefits and pitfalls of social media.  Let Budget Brainiacs do that for you.  Our social media module covers the most popular types on the web today, all the relevant information about each site, and the do’s and don’ts for each site mentioned.  There is even a section about cyber bullying; what is considered bullying, and what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied. Safety of our children is our number one priority and we can feel at ease knowing they have learned to protect themselves.

“There is a group of really “mean girls” in my daughter’s class, who constantly bully those who won’t fight back. So far it hasn’t spread to online, but I know it is just a matter of time.  With this lesson on cyber bullying, Lilly and I will both be prepared.”  D. Carter

Much, Much, More

Budget Brainiacs also includes information for retirement, investing, applying for jobs and apartments, how to buy a car and house, and how to shop around for the best bargains.

The Best Part

Rewards!  This will really grab your child’s attention. For every video they watch, game they successfully complete and quiz that they pass, they will earn points.  These points can then be converted to whatever reward, you as the parent, set up to motivate your child.  There is also a Budget Brainiacs store online where they can redeem points for prizes (pre-purchased by parents).

 “Connor loves math and is challenged by the math that is involved in some of the lessons. We set up a reward system to reinforce his math by earning time with the interactive games.” T. Keeter

 “We set up our rewards to include Brandon’s favorite arcade.  He can earn tokens for every section that he masters.” B. Palmer

“My local mommy group has done a lot of research to try and find programs that teach kids about money. Most websites are too boring or too cartoon-y/childish. We needed something for older kids (tweens), which was very hard to find. Then we came across Budget Brainiacs and all I can say is HOORAY! Each of us enrolled in the Club and our kids love earning points for stuff they really want…While also learning how to budget for things and avoid debt.  Thank you !!!!”   J. Sanders

Words Of Wisdom

Wondering how to get ahold of this amazing program? I’ll tell you soon, but first let’s hear from a well-known retail chain magnate.

“Becoming financially secure can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Saving money has to become a habit, and that habit needs to start when you are young.  There are many types of no risk savings that you can’t lose with.  You know it will just keep growing. I have investigated Budget Brainiacs thoroughly for my grandchildren and I’m excited with what they offer.  I have started all five of my grandchildren in the Budget Brainiacs club and am looking forward to see what they can save on their own.  Saving regularly in addition to the other financial lessons they offer will put them on a track to surpass their grandpa one day. I am happy to endorse Budget Brainiacs for people of all income levels.  It doesn’t matter if you deposit a dollar a week, or a hundred dollars a month, your children will see it grow, and they will have a much brighter future.” ……BUCK WARNER –CEO WARNERS APPAREL

It’s Up To You

So what do you think?  Are you ready to put in motion what could be one of the most important steps you take for your child and their future?

Remember the sooner they start saving, the sooner they will achieve financial freedom.  Help your child become more money savvy, and possibly give them one of the most important gifts you can.  There is no other web-based product out there that compares to Budget Brainiacs complete financial program.

Sign up today and pay your first monthly subscription installment of $29.99 ($14.99 for each additional child), or sign up for the annual subscription price of $299.99 ($149.99 for each additional child). A small investment now for a big return in the future, don’t you agree? If you order in the next thirty days, we will send you a beautiful rainbow bank and a crisp $5.00 bill for every child signed up on the program.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Budget Brainiacs is backed by a 100% guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with what Budget Brainiacs can do for your child’s future, just contact us and we will refund 100% of your latest subscription installment.  Please keep the rainbow bank and crisp $5.00 bill as our gift to you for trying our program.

As an added bonus, your child will also receive an extra $10.00, deposited to their savings account on every birthday after 6 months of membership. An extra $10.00 per year for doing nothing except being a member of Budget Brainiacs.

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Melody Jordan

Concerned Parent No More

 P.S. What are you waiting for?  There is no more complete child’s web-based financial preparation program out there, and none for the low price that Budget Brainiacs offers. Remember your membership ensures that you and your child will have access to all our lessons, quizzes, simulations, and interactive games. Plus, if you order in the next 30 days, each child’s membership includes a rainbow bank, crisp $5.00 bill, and don’t forget each child will also receive a $10.00 deposit per year, on their birthday (after 6 months of membership).  All of this backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  You can’t lose! Every day you wait to subscribe to Budget Brainiac is money out of your child’s pocket.



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Start Your Child Down The Road To A Less Stressful, Financially Secure Life

Yes, I know there is no time to lose, every day I wait is money that my child will not have for their future! I want my child to be money savvy and fiscally responsible and not make the same financial mistakes most people make.

I’m ordering within 30 days, so please send me the rainbow bank and a crisp $5.00 bill to jumpstart my child’s savings. Don’t forget that every birthday after six months of membership entitles my child to receive $10.00 in their Budget Brainiacs associated savings account.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Remember If I’m not completely satisfied with my Budget Brainiacs membership, I will receive a 100% refund of any unused subscription fee, but will keep the rainbow bank and crisp $5.00 bill as my gift for trying Budget Brainiacs.

Order Information

Sign me up! One month of Budget Brainiac membership $29.99        plus $14.99 for each additional child.

Sign me up! One year of Budget Brainiac membership for $299.99 plus $149.99 for each additional child.

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