Almost Over

If you are anything like me you are sick and tired of the Presidential campaigns!  I remember, back in the day, when the serious campaigning didn’t start until just a few months before election day. The funny thing is we were all sick of it then, and now it is at least 4 times as long.  I liken it to the store displays of Christmas decorations. If memory serves, there was a time when it didn’t start until after Thanksgiving.  Now it has to share the spotlight with Thanksgiving, and unbelievably, Halloween!

My personal opinion is that we are in deep doo doo no matter who wins.  I have always taken great pride in our country and what we have achieved.  Although I still think we are the greatest country in the world, my zeal is waning.  Can you imagine our grandparents voting for egos the size of Texas or candidates that have been lying habitually for so long, that they couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped them upside the head.

I will vote, but take no pleasure in it.  My best course of action is to vote for the issues that I support, knowing that in voting, I will be then be included in this country’s further departure from the variety of honorable adjectives we have enjoyed for over two hundred years.

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